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Welcome to Tweetpaths

Tweetpaths is a website which lets you plot geotagged tweets on a map.

Simply enter the twitter user on the map page and click the Show on Map button to show that user's tweets on the map. Clicking on one of the markers on the maps will show the details of that tweet.

You can also select start and/or end dates to show a range of tweets, or click the Show Path box to draw a line from tweet to tweet. Adding more users to the map will show the tweets for each user with different coloured markers.

You will need to sign in with your Twitter login to start using the map. See the FAQ and Terms pages for more info.


Icons used on the mobile website are from The Working Group and are used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Licence.

The Tweetpaths logo is based on Architetto -- tante orma sulla neve from the Open Clip Art Library which is public domain.